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CPM Goals     Extensions     Flexion

     Day 1                       10                         70

     Day 2                        0                          70

     Day 3                        0                          80

     Day 4                        0                          90

     Day 5                        0                         100

     Day 6                        0                         110

     Day 7                        0                         115

These are general goals. If it is too painful to reach any of these goals, simply set the machine at a more comfortable setting and reach these goals at a slower pace. Once you have reached 115 degrees of flexion, continue using the CPM until your doctor has advised you to stop.

Cold Therapy Machine

If you are using a cold therapy machine, fill the unit with ice and water when you return home after surgery. Plug the unit into a convenient wall socket and set the temperature somewhere between 40 and 50 degrees. You should use the cold therapy machine continuously, as long as you are having pain and/or swelling (usually two to three weeks). You will need to have the ice changed every four to six hours to keep the temperature in range. Always have fabric (e.g. dressings, pillow case) between the cold therapy pad and your skin. The cold pad can cause frostbite without this.

Interferential Stimulator

Post-Op Brace

Functional Brace

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