Orthopedic Solutions

Diagnosis & Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries in Washington State.

Orthopedic Solutions

Diagnosis & Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries in Washington State.

Comprehensive Care

Our team of specialists provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care through surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Improving Health

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of orthopedic disease and sports injuries.

Get back to the activities you enjoy

OrthoWashington specializes in diagnosing and treating injuries to joints, arms, legs and cartilage damage.

Comprehensive care

Our team of specialists provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. We are committed to improving patient health through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries and disease. We are focused on returning our patients to optimal health through surgical and non-surgical therapies.

Exciting New Procedures!

iFuse Implant System®

Discover the innovative iFuse Implant System for SI joint fusion. Alleviate pain and improve function with this treatment.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

What is Spinal Fusion Surgery? Spinal fusion surgery permanently connects two or more vertebrae in the spine into a single unit. The surgery eliminates all motion between the discs by fusing them together to create a solid bone. Spinal fusion surgery can relieve...

Robotic Spine Surgery

About Robotic Spine Surgery NeoSpine surgeons use innovative technologies that enable minimally invasive approaches to your surgery. The robots used in robotic spine surgery can perform repetitive tasks with virtually unlimited endurance and without decreased...

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Our experienced orthopedic physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries to joints, arms, legs and cartilage damage.

Voted Best Orthopedic Clinic in the Greater Seattle Area


“I was told by several doctors, PAs, and a surgeon that I would be in a wheelchair permanently. Now I walk because of their skill and integrity. The Doctors and staff are exceptional professionals. I am now able to exercise in physical therapy and use limited prescription medication.”

Shellie K.

“Everyone was so caring, nurturing, and so professional. I recommend you to all my friends. Thank you!”

Don A., Bellevue, WA

“After years of agony, I now have full pain-free functionality of both knees and legs. Thanks to six surgeries on my back and shoulders that continue to help me function with nearly normal physical abilities. Their surgical talents have restored my ability to live life to the fullest. Thank you OrthoWashington!”

Patricia A.

“OrthoWashington has enabled me to overcome physical challenges allowing me to have an active and pain-free life. Our entire family has benefited from the professional and quality practice built by the entire staff.”


“OrthoWashington is a low-stress environment with lots of very friendly and caring people. Your anesthesiologist was especially kind and communicative!”


Treatment of the following Areas

Our individualized approach and treatment plans get our patients back to health as quickly as possible and remain the hallmark of our practice.

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Our team shares some of the latest news about orthopedic treatments. Learn about the latest techniques in orthopedic medicine, and what’s new at our clinics.

Elbow Dislocation

Elbow Dislocation

What is Elbow Dislocation? The elbow is a hinge joint made up of 3 bones – humerus, radius and ulna. The bones are held together by ligaments to provide stability to the joint. Muscles and tendons move the bones around each other and help in performing various...

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We provide a full comprehensive treatment plan customized and tailor-made for you.

Visit our Patient Portal to review labs and notes, check details on your treatment plans, and find forms to get ready for your appointment in advance.

Facility Information

We have two facilities, one located in Bellevue, and the other in Kirkland, WA.

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13115 121st Way NE Ste C
Kirkland, WA 98034
1310 116th Ave NE Ste A
Bellevue WA, 98004